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- Roger Scruton

Friday, June 8

Earthwatchr Launch

Today sees the launch of something that I'm very proud of.: The Jane Goodall Institute's new Gombe Chimpanzee Research Blog, using the Earthwatchr geoblogging software that I am half the programming team for.

If you go to the site, you can see Earthwatchr integrates google maps, google earth, and your website into a single experience. Please feel free to try out the geo-referenced comment feature: Replies and comments that possess spatial information, just like the posts themselves

That was my half.

The truly unique and impressive part of the software is the backend, which makes it super-easy to create and edit posts, complete with images and other html, to be published on the blog and in google-earth enabled KML files.

That was by Bryce, except for the super-easy map interface, which was also my half.

I don't know for certain what I can and can't talk about as far as the future of Earthwatchr, but I think I can say that a lot of really cool people and groups are already interested in it, and I know I can say that it will be released under an open source license, and everyone with development skills is welcome to laugh at my code and help make it the best free tool out there for geo-referenced blogging.

Fans of me: look on the credits page to see my name in lights, and on a map, and as a South Park character.


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