Nusquam Tacere

"Concerning no subject would he be deterred by the minor accident of complete ignorance from penning a definitive opinion."

- Roger Scruton

Sunday, May 22

Blog move

I finally bought Nick Novitski as a domain.  It's nice to have an odd enough name that your first choice of brand is available to you.  Although, if I were really smart, I would have gotten before that jerk in Texas did (just kidding man, congrats on the wedding).

Right now, it just mirrors my new Tumblr blog.  Tumblr seems like a pretty good platform.  I'm not using the social elements to their highest degree, but there's a lot of good integration with other services and devices.

The only thing missing is a tool to easily transfer my posts from here to there (though looking back makes me wonder if I really want to).  Since I can download them as an XML file, though, I wonder if I could write one...

This blog will lay defunct, but as-is, until I formulate a complete transfer solution, at which point I'll set up an automatic redirect.  But in the meantime, is my new home.

Wednesday, March 9

Money is Broken

Location: Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Jane McGonigal is about to give a talk have a conversation about her new book (Reality is Broken, available in fine bookstores everywhere, as well as my hot little hands).

The CHM is ridiculous.  Mountain View contains concentrations of wealth that I have not encountered anywhere in my life, and that includes, say, the Hearst Mansion, or the mansions of those latter-day Hearsts who populate Highway 1 between Cambria and Monterey.  Imagine what sort of museum such people would make about the field that curls so closely about their hearts.

I saw perhaps a quarter of it in two hours.  Slide-rules, abaci, punch-cards, a bit of COLOSSUS.  I will have to come back.  Possibly I will have to become a member.

Thursday, March 3


Here's the view from the living room of the jeweled treasure I'll be living in for the next month or three, anyway.  Hopefully my father will have moved out of Miami by then.

There's a lot of work that it needs, and plenty more it would benefit from, but that only makes it better, in my opinion.

Monday, February 28

Morro Rock

Location: The Galley Seafood Grill & Bar‎, 899 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA, United States

What I've been waiting for

Location: Neptune Net Restaurant, 42505 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA, United States

Let's never fight again, baby.

Read over breakfast while waiting for rush hour to pass

I have a nice but small studio in the tenderloin. It is $625 a month with electric included. With dsl and cable it will be about $700 a month which means about $350 each. The only interior door is on the bathroom. It has a full kitchen and large refrigerator. There are two separate rooms and maybe a curtain could be put up for some privacy but the way to the bathroom is through one room and the way to the kitchen is through the other room. It has ten foot ceilings so it is possible to build loft beds but right now e way to the kitchen is through the other room. h the other room. It has ten foot ceilings so it is possible to build loft beds but right now I have no furniture. This will be a cramped living situation where the only real upside is that it is ridiculously inexpensive. It is a low income building so you must have a documented income less than 17,000 a year.

I almost want to email this guy just to see if we can ever hang out.

San Francisco~!

Trapped Like Beans

Location: Irvine, CA, USA
I've spent the last few days in a La Quinta built inside a converted lima bean silo. Every room is perfectly hexagonal, with un-painted concrete walls. The rooms surround hexagonal spaces strung along the hallway like so many ben-wa beads. On the outside, delivery chutes stick out at least seven feet, so ostentatiously formerly-functional it becomes the height of a kind of luxury. I feel like I'm becoming two people, the bee that goes out to forage, and the larva that wraps himself in the honey and does nothing but think "Change! Change!"

Irvine, in general, puts me in mind of the malls, warehouses and empty spaces of the area around the Miami airport, but mapped to an expanded coordinate system, distances stretching out, like the expanding universe. Every second spent here seems to make everything else one second further away.

So, tomorrow I drive to Morro Bay. The day after that, the City By The Bay. From moving out of Falls Church to arriving in San Francisco, that will be just about 53 days. Maybe not an olympic record, but certainly a personal best, of a sort.

Oh, and Arizona. Arizona was a mixed bag. I'll let my mostly un-edited pictures explain.